AOL Mail Fetcher

AOL Mail Fetcher

Mail forwarding can cause blacklisting when a large number of emails are forwarded and then marked as spam. This can negatively affect your server's mail forwarding reputation, To avoid this risk, you can utilize mail fetching. With mail fetching, you can mark email as spam on the remote server without routing that email through your server.

AOL Alto Mail (Mail Fetcher)

  1. Log into your AOL email account here.
  2. Select "Sign Out and Settings".
  3. Select "Manage Accounts".
  4. Select the green envelope icon.
  5. Enter the email account information in the Verify Account Info nd Account Details fields. For IMAP, incoming port 143. For POP3, port 110. Outgoing port should be 25.
  6. Click "Add".

Note: This is not currently compatible with TLS/SSL security.

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