Joomla Optimization

These tips will help you reduce the CPU footprint of your Joomla content management system.

  • Enable Caching. Caching will allow users to view your website without re-downloading pages they've already seen. This will also have an effect on reducing your bandwidth used.
  • Turn Off Gzip Compression. Compressing files is taxing on the CPU. 
  • Choose Clean Low Image Density Templates. Loading tens of pictures every time a visitor opens a new page on your website adds a great deal of unnecessary CPU usage. Templates with fewer images will load quicker with less processor time used.
  • Cut Back On Components.  Components are often CPU hogs. Disabling and removing unused components will improve your website's performance.
  • Use Google Analytics and Awstats. Statistics components are heavy CPU users. Google Analytics and Awstats don't waste server time delivering results.
  • Require Registration On Forums. Requiring registration will cut down on superfluous search and post traffic. CAPTCHAs will reduce spambot activity.


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