Zen Cart Optimization

This collection of tips will help you streamline your Zen Cart installation on your website.

  • Limit remote resources. Assess which of your site resources are hosted on other websites or servers, and see if you can move them to your website's local server. Local resources will greatly improve performance.
  • Cut back on items on the home page. A cluttered home page with too many products or items can load slowly.
  • Reduce image size. If the image size on your server is larger than it is being displayed, reduce the size of the file to match the size it's being displayed it. It will reduce background CPU load from converting the image size every time the page is served.
  • Try performance enhancing plugin. You can find plugins that will improve the performance of your Zen Cart install. While we do not recommend any specific plugins, web searches will help you find the right one for you.
  • Optimize database tables. Table optimization can be done via phpMyAdmin. You can also do this by finding the SQL Entry tab and using the "optimize table <tablename>".
  • Remove category counters. If you have a large number of counters you might experience some slow loading. To fix, or prevent this, you can remove category counters this way:

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