Sometimes it's useful to be able to take an image of what you're seeing on your screen for troubleshooting purposes. Here are some of the ways to take a screenshot.

Screenshots Using Your Browser

There are many browser plugins that offer screenshot functionality. Improperly vetted browser plugins represent a security risk, however. Plugins have the ability to track your internet activity, and for that reason we do not suggest using them.  If you do decide to use a browser plugin for screenshots, be sure you have thoroughly vetted the plugin with ample research to be sure that it will not be tracking you.

Windows 8

Windows will take a full-monitor screenshot if you press the Windows button and Print Screen at the same time. The screenshot is saved in the picture directory, in a folder entitled Screenshots.

If you would like to crop the image down to the relevant portion, you can open the file with a graphics edition application and edit it there.

Mac OS X

You can perform a screen capture of the entire monitor by pressing the Command button, Shift, and 3 at the same time.

You can also capture a specific area of your screen, by pressing the Command button, Shift, and 4, and clicking and dragging to select an area.

You can capture a specific window by pressing the Command key, Shift, 4, the space bar, and clicking the window you would like to capture.

Screenshots are stored on the desktop.

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