What is the public_html folder?

This is the web root directory for your primary domain. All website files pertinent to that domain must be within the public_html folder. Whatever is in the public_html folder will be displayed when visitors load your domain. If "index.html" is in your public_html folder, that will be displayed by default. If there is no index.html, your domain will load a list of the files in the public_html folder.

Subdomains and addon domains will both use folders inside the public_html folder.


0777 permissions will not work. If a script or website calls for using 777 permissions, use 0755 instead.

  • Permissions for the public_html folder should be 0750.
  • Folders inside the public_html folder should have 0755 permissions.
  • Files inside the public_html folder should have 0755 or 0644 permissions.


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