Upgrading or Canceling Your Account

Account Upgrades

You can upgrade from a Shared Basic plan to a Shared Professional plan or a Reseller Starter plan to an Reseller Ultimate plan when logged in to NixiHost.com by clicking on "Services", then "My Services", and then selecting the dropdown arrow next to the Basic plan and finally click "Upgrade/Downgrade". You will then be able to change the billing schedule if you want before you place your order.

Account Cancellation

You can request cancellation when logged in to NixiHost.com by clicking "Services", then "My Services", and select "View Details" next to the service you wish to cancel.  Click "Management Actions" once the service page has loaded, and then select "Request Cancellation" from the dropdown menu. Once you have submitted your cancellation request, one of our staff will reach out to you to verify your request and double-check that you have everything important backed up off the service to be canceled. After we receive your confirmation, your account will be canceled.

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