WHM/cPanel on CentOS 6

NOTE: WHM/cPanel is not free - you will need to purchase a license in order to use it.

Install Perl
WHM/cPanel requires Perl, but installing it is quick and easy:

sudo yum install perl

Install screen and wget
First you will need screen and wget:

sudo yum install screen wget

Start a session of screen:


Install cPanel
There are two versions you can install - cPanel with WHM, and DNS only cPanel.

To install cPanel with WHM:

wget -N http://httpupdate.cPanel.net/latest

To install DNS-only cPanel:

wget -N http://httpupdate.cPanel.net/latest-dnsonly

Start the script running:

sh latest

This script will take some time to complete - up to two hours is possible. You can close out the screen, and the script will continue working in the background.

Once the script completes, you can login to cPanel by navigating to yourdomain.com:2087. Your username and password will be your server user and password.

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