Whitelisting Your IP in cPanel

cPanel blocks all IPs by default, but you might want to whitelist your personal IP in cPanel so that you're able to access databases on your server from home.  

Note:  If you don't know what your IP address is, you can search "what is my ip" in Google and it will display your IP.

Adding an IP to cPanel's Whitelist
    1. In cPanel, find the "Databases" section.
    2. Select "Remote MySQL".
    3. Enter the IP address you wish to whitelist in the field provided.
    4. Click "Add Host".

Removing an IP from the Whitelist

Dynamic IP Addresses

If your IP regularly changes, you have what is called a dynamic IP address.  You can manually update your IP in the whitelist every time it changes - this option is the most secure, as you're ensuring only you have access.  On the other hand, you could add "%" to the whitelist, which will allow any IP to connect to your on-server databases.  This is an insecure option, and is not recommended.
  • Manually updated whitelist: Every time your IP changes, you log in to cPanel and update the whitelisted IP.  This is the most secure option!
  • Whitelist all IPs:  Add "%" to the whitelist to allow all incoming IPs to connect to your databases.  This is the least secure method, and as such we do not recommend it!
  • Whitelist a subnet:  If you notice that only the last two sections of your IP change, and the first two sets of numbers stay the same, you can whitelist that subnet.  For example, 192.168.%.%,  This is not very secure, but it is preferable to whitelisting all incoming IPs.
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