SSL certificates encrypt information being exchanged between the browser and the server. They are necessary for e-commerce sites that accept credit cards, but they are also widely used for logins and other situations where security is desirable. SSL Certificates are purchased for one year licences.

Installation Requirements

Note: Dedicated IP addresses are no longer necessary for SSL certificates.

Prior to having an SSL certificate installed, you must ensure that you have

  • Verified your WHOIS information is up-to-date and valid.
  • Arranged for the SSL installation prior to taking your site live, in case troubleshooting is necessary.

Submit a ticket when you have taken these steps

Common SSL Types

  • Shared SSL

These certificates use a domain other than your own, and will cause a certificate warning message in your browser

  • Private SSL

These certificates use your domain name and cause no warning messages. This is the certificate to use for protecting credit card transactions.

  • Let's Encrypt

These certificates are less secure and are not appropriate for e-commerce, Extended Validation, Wildcard functionality, or high security. If you would like to know more about our Let's Encrypt support, please read this knowledgebase article.

How to Order an SSL Certificate

If you have an account that offers a free SSL on request, you can submit a ticket to start the SSL order process. If you have a Basic Shared account or you have already used your single free SSL, you can order an SSL here.

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