SpamAssassin is a tool that helps to filter out spam emails. SpamAssassin can be configured to mark spam and deliver it into a spam folder, or to automatically delete any emails it identifies as spam. We suggest you configure and enable SpamAssassin as soon as you create any email accounts.

Enabling SpamAssassin

  1. In cPanel, look at the "Mail" section. Select "Spam Filters".
  2. Click "Process New Emails and Mark them as Spam".

Setting the Spam Score Limit

SpamAssassin scores all emails according to an internal ruleset. Any spam that scores a 5 is considered spam. You are able to change this default setting, however. This setting is found in the "Calculated Spam Score Settings" section, in the "Score" dropdown menu.


If the auto-delete function is enabled, SpamAssassin will delete all emails that it classifies as spam. Click "Automatically Delete New Spam (Auto-Delete)" to enable.

Spam Filters

Filters can be used to move spam from the inbox to another folder.

Accessing the Spam Folder

To receive spam in your Spam Folder you will need to subscribe to the folder in your email client.

User Level Filtering

SpamAssassin settings are applied to all email accounts in your cPanel. You can, however, set filtering up for individual accounts. SpamAssassin must be enabled for this to work.

  1. In your webmail, create a folder named "spam". It must be all lowercase.
  2. Exit your webmail.
  3. In cPanel, in the Mail secton, select "Global Email Filters".
  4. Select "Create a New Filter".
  5. Enter a name for the new filters in the "Filter Name" field.
  6. Under "Rules", select "Spam Status".
  7. From the other dropdown menu, select "begins with".
  8. Type the word "Yes" in the blank field.
  9. Under "Actions", choose "Deliver to folder" from the dropdown.
  10. Select "Browse" and choose the "spam" folder.
  11. Click "Create".


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