AJAX Failure

If you receive an AJAX failure error in the email subsection of your cPanel and you use Safari,...

 Adding Addon Domain Error: domainadmin-domainexistsglobal

If you are receiving this error: domainadmin-domainexistsglobal This can be caused by a...

 Apache Error Logs

Apache Error Logs Common Errors: File does not exist:...

 Apache Handlers And Running HTML as PHP

Apache Handlers And Running HTML as PHPApache Handlers control how Apache manages file types. If...

 Backing Up, Restoring, or Moving cPanel Content From One Host to Another

Backing Up, Restoring, or Moving From One cPanel Host to AnotherWe offer free content transfers...

 Backup File Types

Backup File TypesThis is a useful list of types of backups and their file types. Email...

 Changing Document Roots

Changing Document RootsThe document root can be adjusted for Addon Domains and Subdomains by...

 Changing Email Passwords In cPanel

  In cPanel, find the "Email" section. Select "Email Accounts". Find the email account you...

 Changing File Permissions

Changing File PermissionsWhile some files need to be write protected to enure security, others...

 Changing cPanel Password

Changing cPanel PasswordIf you change your cPanel password, it will change your main FTP password...

 Checking Disk Space Usage

Checking Disk Space UsageUnder the "Files" Section you will find "Disk Usage". You can use this...

 Checking the Latest Visitors

Checking the Latest VisitorsUnder the "Metrics" section, you will find the "Visitors" icon. This...

 Clean URLs in Drupal

Drupal handles page URLs in a style that can inhibit search crawlers from indexing your website....

 Contact Emails

Contact EmailsEmails are generated to notify users of changes. Both WHM and cPanel send email...

 Creating Blacklists

Creating Blacklists In cPanel, click "Spam Filters". If not already done, enable...

 Creating URL Redirects

Creating URL Redirects In cPanel under "Domains", select the "Redirects" icon. Choose which...

 Creating and Deleting Subdomains

Rather than registering a new domain and adding it as an addon domain to your cPanel account, you...

 Creating or Removing an Addon Domain

Addon domains are additional domains hosted on an existing cPanel account. The addon domain will...

 Creating, Editing, And Deleting Cron Jobs

Creating, Editing, And Deleting Cron JobsCron jobs are commands that have been scheduled to run...

 Custom Error Pages

Creating your own error pages can be accomplished through cPanel. After logging in, under...

 Databases: Copying, Renaming, Merging, Exporting, and Importing

Copying In cPanel, select "phpMyAdmin" In phpMyAdmin, select the database you intend to copy....

 Deleted public_html or www Folder By Accident

Deleted public_html or www Folder By AccidentIf you deleted the public_html folder, you will need...

 Denying Access To Specific IP Addresses

Denying Access To Specific IP AddressesYou can use the your web statistics tool to find specific...

 Directory Index Editing

Directory Index EditingThe Directory Index is an .htaccess code that specifies the default page...

 Directory Listing Denied

Directory Listing DeniedIf your site is set to "No Indexing", you might get this error. This will...

 Disabling Anonymous FTP

Disabling Anonymous FTPWe do not recommend ever allowing anonymous FTP connections, as it...

 Do you offer password protected directories?

By default, cPanel allows you to password protect directories in your account that you wish to...

 File Manager: Copying and Moving Files

File Manager: Copying and Moving Files In cPanel, open the File Manager. In the popup window,...

 File Manager: Creating, Editing, and Deleting Files

File Manager: Creating, Editing, and Deleting FilesCreating a File or Folder In cPanel, find...

 Finding the URL of a File

Finding the URL of a File On the Primary Domain In FTP or the cPanel File Manager, note the...

 Fixing the htaccess "Long Lines" Problem

Fixing the htaccess "Long Lines" ProblemWhen editing the .htaccess file with a text editor (both...

 Folders in the Home Directory

There are folders in the home directory which will cause problems if they are removed. This is a...


GZipGZip is available in cPanel's "File Manager"" section. Select any file or folder you wish to...

 Generating or Downloading Full Backups

Generating or Downloading Full BackupsFull backups are essential for safety and redundancy. A...

 GnuPG Keys

GnuPG KeysThis is an encryption scheme that uses the public key approach. Messages are encrypted...

 Hidden Files

Any file that begins with a "." is a hidden file. .htaccess, .htpasswd, and .bashrc are...

 Hotlinks: Enabling And Disabling Hotlink Protection

Hotlinks: Enabling And Disabling Hotlink ProtectionHotlink protection keeps other websites from...

 How do I set DNS records for a domain if I don't have hosting?

If you have registered a domain through NixiHost but do not have hosting with which to set DNS...

 How to Change DNS Zones

Changing DNS Zones in cPanelUsers are able to change some DNS settings from cPanel. You can...

 How to Create and Assign a Database User

How to Create and Assign a Database User Create A New Database User In cPanel, select...

 Image Manager

Image ManagerThis tool lets you view and modify images in your account. It can be found under the...

 Importing MySQL Databases

Importing MySQL DatabasesHow to import a database: In phpMyAdmin, select the new database...

 Index Manager

Index ManagerThe Index Manager allows you to disable the default listing of all files in a...

 Installing ATutor

 Installing Abantecart

 Installing Admidio

 Installing AngularJS

 Installing Blesta

 Installing Booked

 Installing Bootstrap

 Installing CMS Made Simple

 Installing CS Cart

 Installing Chamilo

 Installing Claroline

 Installing Clientexec

 Installing CodeIgnitor

 Installing Collabtive

 Installing Commentics

 Installing Contao

 Installing Coppermine

 Installing Croogo

 Installing CubeCart

 Installing Dojo

 Installing DokuWiki

 Installing Dolibarr

 Installing Dolphin

 Installing Dotclear

 Installing Drupal

 Installing E107

 Installing Egroupware

 Installing Elgg

 Installing EspoCRM

 Installing Etano

 Installing Eventum

 Installing FUDforum

 Installing Family Connections

 Installing Feng Office

 Installing FlatPress

 Installing FluxBB

 Installing Fork

 Installing Form Tools

 Installing FrontAccounting

 Installing FuelPHP

 Installing GLPI

 Installing Geeklog

 Installing Gibbon

 Installing HESK

 Installing HTML Purifier

 Installing Impress Pages

 Installing ImpressCMS

 Installing InfiniteWP

 Installing Invoice Ninja

 Installing JSZip

 Installing Jamroom

 Installing Jcow

 Installing Joomla

 Installing LESS

 Installing LimeSurvey

 Installing Litecart

 Installing Live Helper Chat

 Installing Logaholic

 Installing MODX

 Installing Magento

 Installing Mahara

 Installing Maian Support

 Installing Mantis Bug Tracker

 Installing Mautic

 Installing MediaWiki

 Installing Mibew Messenger

 Installing MiniBB

 Installing Modernizr

 Installing Monsta FTP

 Installing Monstra

 Installing Moodle

 Installing MyBB

 Installing Open Journal Systems

 Installing Open Real Estate

 Installing Open Source Point of Sale

 Installing Open Source Social Network

 Installing Open Web Analytics

 Installing OpenCart

 Installing OrangeHRM

 Installing OwnCloud

 Installing PHP Nuke

 Installing PHP QR Code

 Installing PHPDevShell

 Installing PHPDocumentor

 Installing PHPWCMS

 Installing PHPWeby

 Installing PHPfileNavigator

 Installing PHPlot

 Installing PHProjekt

 Installing PRADO

 Installing PhpGedView

 Installing Pimcore

 Installing Pivotx

 Installing Piwigo

 Installing Piwik

 Installing Pixelpost

 Installing Pixie

 Installing Pixie

 Installing Pligg

 Installing Plogger

 Installing Pluck

 Installing PmWiki

 Installing Podcast Generator

 Installing Prestashop

 Installing Privacy Policy Generator

 Installing ProcessWire

 Installing ProjectPier

 Installing ProjectSend

 Installing Prosper202

 Installing Prototype

 Installing PunBB

 Installing Pydio

 Installing PyroCMS

 Installing QDpm

 Installing Question2Answer

 Installing Quick CMS

 Installing Quick Cart

 Installing Raphael

 Installing RedaxScript

 Installing Revive Ad Server

 Installing RicarGBook

 Installing Rico

 Installing RockMongo

 Installing SEOtoaster Ecommerce

 Installing SIDU

 Installing SLiMS

 Installing SPIP

 Installing SQLiteManager

 Installing Saurus

 Installing Scripty2

 Installing Seo Panel

 Installing SeoToaster CMS

 Installing Serendipity

 Installing Shadows Rising

 Installing Sharetronix

 Installing Shopware

 Installing Silex

 Installing SilverStripe

 Installing Simple php Poll

 Installing SimplePie

 Installing Simpleinvoices

 Installing SiteCake

 Installing SiteDove

 Installing SiteMagic CMS

 Installing Sizzle

 Installing Smarty

 Installing Soholaunch

 Installing StatusNet

 Installing Storytlr

 Installing Subrion

 Installing SugarCRM

 Installing SuiteCRM

 Installing Support Incident Tracker

 Installing Symphony

 Installing TCExam

 Installing TaskFreak

 Installing Textpattern

 Installing The Bug Genie

 Installing TheHostingTool

 Installing Thelia 2

 Installing Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

 Installing Tine 2.0

 Installing Tiny Tiny RSS

 Installing TinyWebGallery

 Installing TomatoCart

 Installing Traq

 Installing Trellis Desk

 Installing Tribiq

 Installing Typo3

 Installing UIkit

 Installing VX Guestbook

 Installing Vanilla

 Installing VideoDB

 Installing VidiScript

 Installing Vty

 Installing Wallabag

 Installing WeBid

 Installing Web Calendar

 Installing WebERP

 Installing Webasyst

 Installing Website Baker

 Installing Wideimage

 Installing WikkaWikki

 Installing Word Search Puzzle

 Installing WordPress

 Installing X-Cart

 Installing X2CRM

 Installing XMB

 Installing XMS

 Installing Xcloner

 Installing Xoops

 Installing YOURLS

 Installing YUI

 Installing ZenCart

 Installing Zend

 Installing Zenphoto

 Installing ZeusCart

 Installing Zikula

 Installing Zurmo

 Installing b2evolution

 Installing dotProject

 Installing eXtplorer

 Installing jQuery

 Installing osTicket

 Installing php.JS

 Installing phpBB

 Installing phpBB Styles

Your phpBB forum can be customized by changing layouts, color and image schemes, and...

 Installing phpCollab

 Installing phpFormGenerator

 Installing phpFreeChat

 Installing phpKode Guestbook

 Installing phpList

 Installing phpMyAlbum

 Installing phpMyFAQ

 Installing phpOnline

 Installing phpicalendar

 Installing razorCMS

 Installing sNews


 Installing selfoss

 Installing todoyu

 Installing u-Actions

 Installing vtiger

 Installing webtrees

 Installing yii

 Internal Server Errors and 500 Errors

Internal Server Errors and 500 ErrorsIf you are getting errors, the first step is to determine...

 Invalid maildirsize

Invalid maildirsize Use FTP or the File Manager to navigate outside of public_html. Find...

 Limiting Which Icons Appear in cPanel

Limiting Which Icons Appear in cPanelNote: This tutorial is for WHM users only.With WHM's feature...

 Logging In To cPanel

Customers get one username per cPanel. Addon, parked, and subdomains are accessable via your main...

 Lost Database Password

Lost Database PasswordYou will need to create a new user with a new password and assign that user...

 Lost osCommerce Password

If you've forgotten your administrative password for your osCommerce site, you can reset the...

 MIME Types

MIME TypesYour browser uses MIME types to determine how to react to various file extensions. MIME...

 Mail Exchangers: Local, Backup, and Remote

Mail Exchangers: Local, Backup, and RemoteIt is suggested that you use cPanel's automatic...

 Mail Folder

All email boxes and messages are kept as files within folders in your account.How to Access Mail...

 Mail and Cloudflare

While NixiHost generally recommends using NixiHost-provided nameservers to allow your cPanel...

 Making your WordPress website to be as performant and secure as possible with the latest version of PHP by using MultiPHP

NixiHost now offers MultiPHP! Using MultiPHP, you can select from four different PHP versions -...

 My New Domain Shows a Seach Portal or Avertisements

If you have recently changed the IP address of your site, you just need to wait. The IP address...

 MySQL Collation

You can use phpMyAdmin to alter the collation of mySQL databases, In cPanel, select the...

 MySQL Database Connection Problems

MySQL Database Connection ProblemsYou may have encountered these problems: Error establishing...

 MySQL Database Size Limits

The only limit on database size is the amount of disk space available to your cPanel account.

 Navigating Through File Manager in cPanel

Accessing the File Manager Click on "File Manager" In the popup box, select "show hidden files"...

 Park Wrapper Error

Park Wrapper ErrorCommon Errors: Error from park wrapper: Sorry, you are not allowed to add...

 Parking a Domain on an Addon Domain

In cPanel, find the "Domains" section. Click "Domains" In the "Domain" field, enter the...

 Password Protecting Directories

Password Protecting Directories In cPanel, under "Files", select the "Directory Privacy" icon....

 Password Protecting a Single File

Password Protecting a Single File Create a file called ".htapasswd" and put it above your root...

 Proxy Access For Firewalls [cPanel, WHM, Webmail]

Proxy Access For Firewalls [cPanel, WHM, Webmail] cPanel Access URL

 Quickinstall Auto Updates and Backups

Quickinstall Auto Updates and BackupsAuto UpdatesThis is enabled by default. You can make the...

 Raw Access Logs

Raw Access LogsUsing the raw access logs, you will be able to see who has accessed your site...

 Read This Before You Create a Subdomain

Under "Domains", select the "Domains" icon. Click "Create A New Domain". Enter your...

 Read This Before You Create an Addon Domain

Addon domains' file structures are similar to subdomains but the URL will look like a primary...

 Redirecting A Subdomain to Another Page

In cPanel, find the "Domains" section. Click the "Redirects" icon. Select the type of...

 Repairing a Broken Database

Repairing a Broken DatabaseHave you received this error? cpaneluser_database is marked as...

 Requesting a New cPanel Password

Resetting Your cPanel PasswordYou can reset your cPanel password from the cPanel login screen....

 Resource Usage

         When browsing your cPanel, you may notice a list of resource statistics on the side of...

 RoundCube: Exporting And Importing Contacts

Importing In RoundCube, select the "Contacts Icon" on the top right menu. Click the "Import"...

 SSL Certificates and Cloudflare

While NixiHost generally recommends using NixiHost-provided nameservers to allow your cPanel...

 Secure cPanel Login

Using Shared SSL to Access cPanel Use https, enter your site's IP address, and the secure port...

 Setting a Cron Job to Run at a Specific Time

To set a cron job at a specific time, you must determine what the local time for the server is,...


SoftaculousSoftaculous is provided for all cPanel accounts. Softaculous replaced Fantastico....

 Splitting Addon Domains into New Hosting Packages

There are many reasons for which you may want to move an addon domain into its own hosting. If...

 Track DNS

Track DNSThis tool will allow you to check the DNS of a domain to view problems and diagnose any...

 Track Delivery

Troubleshooting Email Routing IssuescPanel Track Delivery In cPanel, find the Email section....

 Unable to Login to cPanel, WHM, or Webmail

Unable to Login to cPanel, WHM, or WebmailThis is probably caused by your firewall. You can solve...

 Update cPanel Password for MySQL Update Security

Some cPanel usernames will need to be updated in order to comply with mandatory security measures...

 Uploading Files Through cPanel's File Manager

Uploading Files Through cPanel's File ManagercPanel's File Manager makes it easy to upload files...

 Uploading to Addon Domains and Subdomains

Under "Host", enter your primary domain name For "User", enter your cPanel username For the...

 Using Track DNS

Track DNS is a useful tool to help diagnose common website issues. You can use the Domain Lookup...

 Using phpMyAdmin

While databases must be created in cPanel, phpMyAdmin is able to drop databases, manage keys on...

 Viewing Website Statistics In cPanel With AWStats

AWStats is the most popular website statistics reporter. It updates daily and tracks statistics...

 Web Statistics Outside of cPanel

We are able to create a symlink for Webalizer. If you would like to do this, please submit a...

 Webmail Icon

The webmail icon in cPanel does not direct you to a valid email account. If you wish to check...

 Webmail Settings

  Change Password If you are logged in, you can change your password with this tool....

 What Are Addon Domains?

Addon Domains are domains that are added in your existing cPanel account. The files and content...

 What Are Document Root Folders?

Document Root Folders are the main folder for your account, also known as your public_html...

 What Are Log Files?

Log files are records of activity. They can be very useful for troubleshooting as well as site...

 What Are Parked Domains?

Parked domains are domains which show the same website as your primary domain, and share web...

 What Is A Cron Job?

Cron jobs are scripts or commands that are set to run automatically at specific times. You can...

 What is the Path to an Addon Domain?

public_html/ This can be accessed via cPanel's File Manager or through FTP. Â...

 What is the public_html folder?

This is the web root directory for your primary domain. All website files pertinent to that...

 What's a Favicon?

Favicons are the logos browsers associate with websites. Favicons are 16x16 or 32x32 pixels in...

 When I Created An Addon Domain, It Said "Subdomain Added"

Ignore this message. cPanel only calls it a subdomain because it exists within the site's...

 Which nameservers should I use?

You can find your nameservers along with your cPanel login details and other crucial account...

 Why can't I log into my cpanel or webmail?

There various issues that you may not be able to login to your cPanel or WebMail. We have...

 Why is My Disk Space Incorrect?

cPanel updates its disk space usage record every four hours. This means that if you make...

 Why is My public_html Folder Empty?

There are some possible reasons that your public_html folder is now empty. Files were deleted...

 WordPress Migration Plugins and High Resource Usage

When using a WordPress plugin to migrate or import a WordPress backup, it is not uncommon to see...


Z-Push is a mail synching protocol that uses PHP to sync email, contacts, and calendars on mobile...

 cPanel Manual

cPanel ManualcPanel's documentation can be found here.

 cPanel Themes

cPanel StylesNote:  There are some features which are not available in some styles.Changing...