Able To Send Email But Not Receive

Able To Send Email But Not Receive

There are a number of possible culprits for this problem.

The Email Account is Over Quota
When you create an email account, you must set a disk space quota for it. You can either assign more storage space to the account, or delete old emails to free up space.

Checking Account Quota

  • Send an email to the problematic account from a working email address. You will receive a bounceback email if the account quota is exceeded.
  • In cPanel, click "Email Accounts". Check that the "Usage" is not higher than the "Quota".

Changing Account Quota

  1. In cPanel, find the "Email" section.
  2. Select "Email Accounts".
  3. Find the account in question.
  4. Next to the account, select "Change Quota".
  5. Enter a new quota amount or choose "Unlimited".
  6. Select "Change Quota".

cPanel Account Quota

It is possible that the entire cPanel associated with the email account is over its disk quota. To fix this, you will need to increase the cPanel account's quota. This only applies to Reseller or Dedicated accounts.

To Check Disk Space

  1. Log in to WHM.
  2. Find "Account Information" on the left side menu.
  3. Click "Show Accounts Over Quota".
  4. If you choose, you can adjust quotas here. Once you have set the quota where you want it, click "Save".

Another Way To Change Disk Space Quota

  1. Log in to WHM.
  2. Find "Account Functions" on the left side menu.
  3. Click "Quota Modification".
  4. Choose the username or primary domain for the user whose quota is to be raised.
  5. Select "Modify".
  6. Set the quota.
  7. Select "Save".

Adjusting Package Quota

If you would like to change the disk space quota for more than one account, you can do this by changing the package quota.

  1. Log in to WHM.
  2. On the left side, select 'Edit A Package".
  3. Select the package.
  4. Select "Edit".
  5. After you have made the desired changes, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.


Possible DNS Issues

Propagation Takes Time

Nameserver changes can take up to 48 hours to take effect. DNS zone record changes typically take 0-4 hours to propagate, but they can take as long as 8 hours.

Incorrect DNS Records

See this article about managing DNS zone records.

Mail Server Settings

If you are using the local server for your mail, you will need to have the local server set to "local". If your mail is being directed to other servers through MX records or A records, your server will need to be set to "remote".

Mail Client

If you are using a mail client rather than webmail, you should check the settings for the account. Be sure that the ports are correct. Shutting down the email client and restarting it may also resolve a malfunctioning application.

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