WordPress: Blank Pages

If you are experiencing stalled pages or not responding pages on your WordPress blog, there is a good chance this is due to a corrupted theme or plugin.

Fixing The Database

Wordpress 3.1.x will display a blank page if there is an error in your wp-config.php file. This can include username or password errors. The solution for this problem is to create a new user for the database, then update the wp-config.php file with the username and password data. This can be done by opening the wp-config.php file and replacing the italicized text with your username or password.

/** MySQL database username */

define('DB_USER', 'user_name');

/** MySQL database password */

define('DB_PASSWORD', 'password');



Some problems might keep you from reliably accessing the WordPress Dashboard, so it is probably a more reliable method to change the theme through phpMyAdmin.

  1. Find the wp-config.php and open it.
  2. Find the following line:
    define('DB_NAME', 'user_wrdp1');
  3. Open the database in phpMyAdmin
  4. Select "wp_options" from the list.
  5. Find the rows in the table called "template" and "stylesheet".
  6. If you are using WordPress version 3.0.x or newer, edit the "option_value" for these rows and change the value to the word "twentyfourteen".
  7. If you are using WordPress version 2.9.x or older, you will edit the "option_value" and change the value to "default".



To determine if a plugin if causing these errors, you will need to access the WordPress Dashboard and remove each plugin individually, and load your blog to see if the error is still occurring. When you remove a plugin and the errors stop, you know that plugin caused the problem.

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