WordPress: Transferring Users From One Site To Another

Moving users from one WordPress installation to a new one must be done through the database. This requires using the phpMyAdmin tool in cPanel. Users can only be added to a new WordPress database.

Exporting WordPress Users

  1. In cPanel, open phpMyAdmin.
  2. Find the database that the user(s) currently resides in.
  3. Select the database, and then select "Export" from the top meny.
  4. Choose "Custom".
  5. Under the heading "Object creation options", put checkmarks in the boxes "Add DROP TABLE statement" and "Add CREATE PROCEDURE / FUNCTION / EVENT statement".
  6. Select "Go".
  7. Save the file to your local computer.

Importing WordPress Users To A New Database

  1. Open the new database in phpMyAdmin.
  2. Select the "Home" icon.
  3. Select the database from which you intend to import users.
  4. Click "Import" at the top.
  5. Click "Browse" under "File to import".
  6. Select the file that you saved in step 7 of the export process.
  7. Select "Ok"
  8. Click "Go".


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