WordPress: Transferring A WordPress Site Via Dashboard

You can transfer a WordPress site without using FTP or database access. It's better to use FTP and database exporting, but if you are unable to, this guide will walk you through the process.

A. Export Files

  1. While logged in to your Dashboard, click "Tools", then "Export".
  2. Click "All content", then "Download Export File".
  3. Select the save location.

B. Install An Empty WordPress Site

  1. In cPanel, find the "Software" section and click "Softaculous Apps Installer".
  2. Click "Blogs" on the left hand side, then "WordPress".
  3. If you have SSL, you can change the protocol. Otherwise leave it default.
  4. Choose the directory to install WordPress to.
  5. Enter an administrative username and password. Enter a working email address.
  6. Select your theme.
  7. Click "Install".

C. Import Content

  1. Log in to your new WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click "Tools", then "Import".
  3. Accept the installation of the plugin.
  4. Choose to activate and run the plugin once you have installed it.
  5. Choose WordPress from the list.
  6. Find your export file you downloaded in part A, and click it.
  7. Click "Upload file and import".
  8. You can import, change, or add users in the "Assign Authors" menu. If you wish to leave it all as it was, leave everything as it is and click "Submit".
  9. You may need to run the import a few times to make it import everything.

D. Install Themes & Plugins


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