Backing Up, Restoring, or Moving cPanel Content From One Host to Another

Backing Up, Restoring, or Moving From One cPanel Host to Another

We offer free content transfers from cPanel hosts.

Transferring From A cPanel Host 
    1. First, create a full backup of your cPanel.  If you don't know how to do this, see Generating or Downloading Full Backups
    2. Download your backup file, and put it in your Nixihost home directory.
    3. Submit a ticket. Make sure that you include the exact filename and path where it is stored in your home directory.
    4. When you get a response confirming that the backup has been restored, you can verify it by navigating to your temporary URL (for example, "").
    5. If your site loads, the next step is to change the name servers. This information will have been provided to you via email when you created your new account.

Transferring From a Non-cPanel Host

Without the ease of cPanel, you will have to manually download the files via FTP, or request an .SQL or .CSV backup from your host. 


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