Generating or Downloading Full Backups

Generating or Downloading Full Backups

Full backups are essential for safety and redundancy. A full cPanel backup will copy everything - databases, files, emails, etc. The backup process is not instantaneous and must be allowed to finish. You can have the server email you a notification when the backup is completed and ready to download.

How to Generate a Full Backup

  1. Under "Files", select "Backup".
  2. Under "Full Backup", select "Generate a Full Account Backup".
  3. Select "Home Directory" from the "Backup Destination" menu.
  4. Choose whether you want email notification.
  5. Select "Generate Backup".

A backup will be created and a tar.gz file will be created in your home directory, which you can download using cPanel, FTP, or SSH.

Downloading Your Backup Using cPanel

  1. Under "Files", select "Backup"
  2. Under "Full Backup", select "Download a Full Account Backup."
  3. Under "Backups Available for Download", click the link for the backup file you want to download.

Restoring a Full Backup

Full backups may be restored only by the root user for that server. We will restore your full backups as long as the account existed on the server previously and you have already uploaded the file yourself.

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