Migrating your Tumblr blog to WordPress takes a few steps, but it's easier than you might think. To begin with, you'll need to install WordPress.

Once you've installed WordPress, log in to your WordPress installation and follow this quick guide.

  1. Click "Tools" on the left hand side of your WordPress Administrative control panel.
  2. Click "Import" underneath Tools.
  3. Find Tumblr in the list, and click "Install Now".
  4. Once the plugin has installed, click "Run Importer".
  5. The plugin will now prompt you to follow a link to http://www.tumblr.com/oauth/apps
  6. On the linked Tumbler Applications page, click the big green "+ Register application" button.
  7. You will need to enter an Application Name - this can be anything that will remind you what the application is for.  We used "Migrator", for example.
  8. You will also need to enter an Application Description - this can be anything, like the Application Name.
  9. Your WordPress plugin page will give you the correct Application Website and Default Callback URL to enter in to the Tumblr Application.
  10. Click "Register" at the bottom of the Tumblr application registration page.
  11. Tumblr will provide you with the correct OAuth Consumer Key and Secret Key at the top of the page, which you will need to copy and paste over in to your WordPress Plugin.
  12. After you have entered the Consumer and Secret Keys, click "Connect to Tumblr".
  13. Click "Authorize the Application"
  14. When the plugin redirects you to Tumblr, click "Allow" to authorize the WordPress plugin to access your Tumblr account.
  15. Finally, click "Import this Blog" to begin the migration. This process may take a while, but don't worry - it will continue on in the background even if you navigate away from the import page.
  16. If you plan to import any other Tumblr blogs, click "Clear account information" at the bottom of the import page before you begin this process again at Step 4.
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