Creating a cPanel Account

Creating a cPanel Account

Before you create a cPanel account, you will need to create a package. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.  Once you've created a package, you can proceed with this tutorial.

  1. In WHM, find the "Account Functions" section. Underneath it, you will find the "Create a New Account" option - select it.
  2. Next to "Domain", enter the name of the domain you are creating a cPanel account for. Do not include 'www.' in the domain name.
  3. Next to "Username", enter the username for this cPanel account. Keep in mind that the username must be under 8 characters, must be letters and numbers without any spaces, and cannot use any special characters. Reseller and dedicated accounts with the latest version of cPanel can create usernames with up to 16 characters.
  4. Next to "Password", choose a password. We recommend that you use the WHM Password Generator tool.
  5. Next to "Email", enter the email address you want associated with the account. This will be used for automatic WHM notifications. Some people prefer to put their own email instead of their cPanel user's email.
  6. In the dropdown menu titled "Package", you can select which package the username will be created under.
  7. For the DNS Settings, you can choose "Use the nameservers specified at the Domain's Registrar (ignore locally specified nameservers). If you have specified private nameservers for the domain to use, and they have already been configured at the registrar, you can check this option. Otherwise, you can leave this box unchecked and use the default nameservers.


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