Reseller WHM Accounts

Reseller WHM Accounts

Reseller accounts have limited WHM access.

Enabled Reseller WHM Functions

  • Tools for cPanel account creation, deletion, and suspension.
  • Access to your domains' DNS zones.
  • DNS configuration for all your domains.
  • Management and monitoring tools for your sites, including password resets.
  • Client domain name and username modification.
  • Customizable hosting and control panels.
  • Server information and status check permissions.
  • Configurable customer support requests through cPanel.

Disabled Reseller WHM Functions

  • Automated backups tool.
  • Ability to modify primary username.
  • SSL certificate install access.
  • Permission to restart services.
  • IP address assignment.
  • Reseller center.

If you need something done that you do not have permission to do, such as installing SSL certificates or dedicated IP, feel free to contact us by submitting a ticket!

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