Checking Service Status and Server Information

Checking Server Status and Server Information

You can check the status of services and servers in WHM. On the left side of the screen, you will see a heading titled "Server Status" - click "Service Status" underneath that heading. Green dots indicate that the service is running normally. Yellow dots indicate a service is running but not responding normally. Red dots indicate services that are not responding at all. If your account is a reseller account, you may see a service down due to another account on the same server. If this is the case, please submit a ticket.

Some Services

  • exim- this service sends and receives email.
  • pop- this service manages POP3 connections for checking email remotely.
  • imap- this service handles IMAP connections (also mail related).
  • httpd- this service handles webpage requests.
  • ftpd- uploads and downloads files.

Server Load

Under "Server Status" you will find "Server Load" and "Memory Used". You can use these diagnostic tools totroubleshoot issues. If your server is slow to respond across all services, you can look at the server load to determine whether it looks like there are too many large processes running. Normal load averages are usually 10 or less.

Server Information

In WHM, you will find a link to "Server Information" on the left side of the panel. This tool shows hardware information about the server. You are able to view information about the processor, RAM, disk space, and even disk partitioning information.

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