Installing SSL Certificates

Installing SSL Certificates

We offer free Let's Encrypt certificates for our customers, available by following these instructions! While Let's Encrypt certificates lack business-specific registration details, they are free and require no maintenance on your part. Once enabled, our server will check your shared hosting package daily for domains with expiring SSLs or no SSLs at all and install new certificates as needed. You can manage Let's Encrypt certificates in the "SSL/TLS Status" tool in your cPanel account.

Comodo Certificates Ordered From NixiHost

If you would like a more official SSL certificate which displays your business's registration details or a higher-security extended validation certificate, you can order them here. Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email with a token code that you will use in the "AutoInstall SSL" tool in your cPanel to complete your SSL installation. If you have any trouble with your SSL installation, please open a ticket and we will make sure your certificate installation is completed.

Self Installed SSL Certificates

If you have obtained a certificate from a different provider, you can generate a CSR or private key as well and install and manage your SSL when logged in to cPanel, by clicking the "SSL/TLS" icon. We are also happy to assist you with this process if you have any trouble - simply open a ticket to ask!

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