Why can't I log into my cpanel or webmail?

There various issues that you may not be able to login to your cPanel or WebMail. We have outlined the most common reasons below:

Incorrect URL

Make sure that you are using the correct URL to access your cPanel. The login address is included in your Welcome Email that was sent upon your initial signup.

  • If your domain nameservers have propagated, then you can access cPanel directly at http://yourdomain.com/cpanel or http://yourdomain.com:2082. To access cPanel securely, you can use http://yourdomain.com:2083.
  • If your domain nameservers have not yet propagated, or they are still pointed at your old host, you can access cpanel by using the shared server IP. This temporary address is also included in your Welcome Email, and will look something like or 2083 for a secure connection.
Incorrect Username/Password

Make sure that you are using the Username and Password that were initially provided to you in your Welcome Email when you signed up for an account. If you no longer have that email, or the one provided is no longer working, you can email our support team (support@nixihost.com) to have it updated and re-sent to you.

Browser Issues

In certain situations, the problem may boil down to issues within your browser. Below, you will find links to a few different browsers that you can use to test:

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