Custom Error Pages

Creating your own error pages can be accomplished through cPanel. After logging in, under "Advanced", select "Error Pages". Choose which domain (or subdomain) you would like to edit, and choose the page. Edit the HTML or SHTML and select "Save".

If you don't know HTML or don't want to edit the HTML, you can use a website builder to publish a page you like. Navigate to that page, and copy the page source. You can now paste the code to the error page in cPanel.

Common problems

If you have edited a page but it hasn't changed, try reloading the page. An easy shortcut for reloading the page is the f5 key. If refreshing the page didn't fix it, you may need to add this to your .htaccess file in the public_html directory.

ErrorDocument 403 /403.shtml
ErrorDocument 404 /404.shtml
ErrorDocument 500 /500.shtml

If you don't want 404 errors to show up on your site, you can use another page! For example, you can make errors redirect to your main page this way:

ErrorDocument 404 /index.html

Here is a list of error pages which you can edit or redirect.

Client Request Errors
400 - Bad Request
401 - Authorization Required
403 - Forbidden
404 - Not Found
405 - Method Not Allowed
406 - Not Acceptable (encoding)
407 - Proxy Authentication Required
408 - Request Timed Out
409 - Conflicting Request
410 - Gone
411 - Content Length Required
412 - Precondition Failed
413 - Request Entity Too Long
414 - Request URI Too Long
415 - Unsupported Media Type

Server Errors
500 - Internal Server Error
501 - Not Implemented
502 - Bad Gateway
503 - Service Unavailable
504 - Gateway Timeout
505 - HTTP Version Not Supported

Reverting Back To The Default Error Pages

Delete the error page from the public_html folder:

Internet Explorer will not display error pages larger than 1 kilobyte.

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