Creating or Removing an Addon Domain

Addon domains are additional domains hosted on an existing cPanel account. The addon domain will share disk and server space with the primary domain.

Note: If you use WHM you will need to change the "Max Addon Domains" value in WHM to correspond with the number of addons you wish to use. The default is zero.

Before You Add A Domain

In order for a domain to work with your cPanel, you will need to point the domain to your hosting account. This is done by updating your domain's nameservers with the ones provided to you when you created your hosting account. 

Your Product Welcome Email, which contains your cPanel login details and other crucial account information, has two nameservers listed in it. Once you have found your nameservers, you can log in to your account and replace the existing nameservers for the domain you are trying to add. You only need to copy the nameserver address itself - do not paste the IP addresses listed next to the nameservers in the Product Welcome Email.

Now you are ready to move on to the next step: Adding your new domain to your cPanel account.

How To Create An Addon Domain

  1. When logged in to your cPanel account, under the "Domains" heading, select "Domains".
  2. In the field available, enter your new addon domain name, without any prefix. (,, and so forth)
  3. Un-check the box next to "Share document root."
  4. cPanel will suggest a folder name. Unless it conflicts with an already existing folder, you can leave this field unmodified.
  5. Click "Submit".
Note: If you would like for your addon domain to point to a specific folder that you already have in your account, you should enter the exact folder name/path in step 3 instead of using cPanel's suggestion. cPanel will display a warning that the folder already exists, but you may ignore this warning since it is intentional.

Removing An Addon Domain

  1. Select "Domains" in cPanel.
  2. Click "Manage" next to the domain you wish to remove.
  3. Click the red "Remove Domain" button.

Note: This only deletes your addon domain from the server configuration and DNS. Your files will not be deleted.

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