WHMCS Addons

If you are using one of our Reseller hosting plans, you can purchase an Addon for your hosting package to handle hosting sales automation. You can allow customers to place orders and the system will automatically provision their hosting packages.

When logged in to NixiHost.com,

  1. Click Services, then My Services
  2. Select the Reseller package from the list, then click "View Details" next to it.
  3. Click "Addons" at the top of the Service page
  4. Click "View available addons"

There are three levels of WHMCS licensing available:

WHMCS Plus License

  • Unbranded
  • Up to 250 clients

WHMCS Professional License

  • Unbranded
  • Up to 1000 clients

WHMCS Business License

  • Unbranded
  • Unlimited clients
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