Internal Server Errors and 500 Errors

Internal Server Errors and 500 Errors

If you are getting errors, the first step is to determine what kind of errors are occurring. The "Error Log" can be found in the "Logs" area of your cPanel. If the Error Log isn't any help, you can try troubleshooting with these methods.

Bad Permissions, Writeable by Group

  1. In your cPanel "File Manager", click "Web Root (public_html/www)".
  2. Turn "Show Hidden Files (dotfiles) on, click "Go".
  3. In the "Perms" column, ensure that the following permissions match: Images, text files, and media set to 644; executables in the cgi-bin directory, and all directories and folders, set to 755.

Bad .htaccess, Invalid Command

There may be incorrectly worded or conflicting lines in the htaccess file. Remember, it is always a good idea to make a copy of the htaccess file before editing it! You can comment out lines in the htaccess file by adding "#" at the beginning of the line. The most common errors are broken lines and lines beginning with "php_flags". If you're unsure which line in the htaccess file might be causing the error, you can comment out the lines one by one, saving each time and refreshing your site, to see if it is fixed.

Resources Exceeded, No Errors in the Log

There may be too many processes running on the server. You can SSH in to your account to view active processes. Enter "ps faux" to get a list of active processes on your account. To kill a specific process, type "kill -9 pid" where "pid" is the process ID of the process you wish to terminate.

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